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Porsche Design 1919 GLOBETIMER 4046901418199 Replica Watch

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Porsche Design 1919 GLOBETIMER 4046901418199 Replica Watch

Post by elyora » Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:18 pm

In the revenge game with the Avengers URWERK.

Iron Man Tony Stark is certainly the most attractive superhero of the moment. A fictitious inventor with his own high-tech laboratory is a genius. He is smart, handsome, and short, and is the ultimate glamour nerd.Porsche Design 1919 CHRONOTIMER 4046901418267

Since its release on April 26 last year, "Avengers: Endgame" has set the fastest box office movie and has achieved the greatest success in both China and the United States. Therefore, URWERK is honored to be part of this operation and has established a friendly relationship with Robert Downey, who plays Tony Stark. The actor invited URWERK to include superheroes in the 2017 Spiderman: Homecoming shoot, which caused URWERK to appear in the final Avengers series.

The UR-105 CT Iron also entered the fictional domain on the wrist of the Iron Man Tony Stark. It would be annoying to show pictures of the watch in action here, but this self-winding watch is unique among many original timepieces.

You must slide the snap on the top of the case to expose the mechanism of the UR-105 CT Iron. This is a wandering hour indicator based on a hollow carousel, which contains four satellites, with the hours on each satellite carrying three numbers. The hour continues through the minute scale to display the time in analog and digital. The remaining battery indicator and the digital second hand constitute the remaining information displayed on the dial. Digital seconds are remarkable because the mechanism is made using a photolithographic process, and each 10-second mark is hollowed out to make it as light as possible. So it weighs less than a tenth of a gram.Richard Mille Replica watches

The two pneumatic turbines on the back control the automatic winding speed and can be set via the joystick. In the "FULL" position, the spring of the barrel can be reversed with minimal movement of the wrist. Turn the joystick to the STOP position to release the automatic winding system, and then use the crown to wind up the UR-105 CT Iron. If you are particularly active, select the middle position RED (reduce). This engages the turbine to damp the winding rotor and avoid applying excessive pressure to the spring.

It's up to you to decide the fate of the Tony Stark watch and the fate of the planets on the big screen.


Founded by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, URWERK is a firm belief that the history of fine watchmaking is an ever-changing art: "We don't try to introduce existing complexity A new version of the mechanism, "explains watchmaker Felix Baumgartner. "Our watches are different because they are originals, so they are rare and priceless. The original style of each model of URWERK is signed by lead designer Martin Frei." I come from an uncreative background . I will never be constrained by the traditions of watchmaking, so I can be freely inspired by my cultural heritage. "high quality replica watches

Although URWERK is a young company founded in 1997, it is recognized as one of the pioneers of the new wave of the new generation watch industry. The company produces only 150 watches per year, seeing itself as a craftsmanship studio, where traditional expertise coexists with avant-garde style. The company makes unprecedentedly sophisticated modern watches and meets the strictest standards of fine watchmaking: independent design and research, advanced materials and hand finishing.

The name URWERK comes from Ur of Chaldees, an ancient city in Mesopotamia. It was founded about 6000 years ago. The Sumerian residence first established a unit of time based on the shadow on the monument. Ur in German means primitive or primitive, and Werk means achievement or mechanism. As a result, URWERK can be translated into an original movement in recognition of the work of several generations of watchmakers, which have created what we call today the fine watchmaking or fine watchmaking industry. replica watches for sale


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