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apps to earn cryptocurrencies on your smartphone

Regarding bitcoins, Understanding bitcoin, from the very basics to learning how to set up your own bitcoin mining rig etc.
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apps to earn cryptocurrencies on your smartphone

Post by joycelene22 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:57 pm

This article gives you my review of the cryptocurrency earning app Birdchain. You can easily earn BIRDS crypto tokens.

In fact, I already told you about this application in an article that showed 5 applications that make you earn crypto-currencies. And, in this article, I’m just going to explain you more about one of these applications that I particularly like: The Birdchain application.

So, the reason I like it so much is that unlike others, it is aesthetically minimalist and modern. In fact, the application is very readable and very simple to understand. You know me and you know I like it simple!

Well, now that’s out of the way, let’s see what it’s all about and more importantly how you can earn cryptocurrencies with Birdchain.

Easily earn cryptocurrencies:
Yes, the first benefit of this app is simply the fact that it makes you earn cryptocurrencies.

In fact, it makes you earn “BIRDS” which is the generic word to group all the tokens you can earn on the app.

Earn cryptos by performing simple tasks:
If you’re tired of bitcoin faucets, which is totally understandable, you’re going to be glad you used this app.

In fact, to earn cryptos, there are different ways :

-watch ads
-downloading applications
-download game apps and play (the rewards are huge).
-take surveys.

I have been using Birdchain for sometime now. I had a long break and usually wait a while before I’m sure to use an application.

Yes, as you know, in the merciless world of crypto-currencies, applications and sites appear as quickly as they disappear…

I was immediately hooked on the design as I told you and I also liked that the rewards were fast.

But what I liked the most was when I saw that you could win BIRD tokens

In fact, when you complete a task, you can earn all kinds of crypto-currencies and of course that is more motivating.

Who can win a lot of cryptocurrencies?
Actually, I’ve noticed that the ones who can really earn a lot are the gamers. I mean, most of the time, the most lucrative tasks are the ones that require you to download a game.

For example, if you download clash of clans and play to a certain level, then yes, you will get big rewards.

Also, sometimes it asks you to download applications but you will have to subscribe, in this case, it is not interesting. I mean, especially if the application in question doesn’t interest you.

So I think it’s pretty much ideal for people who like games and play on their smartphones.

https://freecryptoreward.wordpress.com/ ... le-post-2/

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